(1) Lil Wiz catch disc (random pick)


This order is for 1 random Lil Wiz catch disc from Gateway Disc Sports.  This is one of the most popular warm up discs on the planet.  Whether before your round, in between rounds, or just playing catch with family and friends...this disc is awesome!  Very overstable to handle long shots for those with boomstick arms or nice and easy to throw.  One of the most versatile discs in the fun category.  

 There are 3 different graphics in a plethora of different color stamps.  If you order more than one we will automatically diversify your stamps and disc colors.  

Note:  order 3 on same order and get one free.  YES, I will pack 4 when you order 3.  Great gifts for kids and anyone who likes to throw friZbeeZ.