1 Pumpkin Orange BZ Chainsaw


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Note: if you order 4 we will add an 5th to order no extra charge.  Add $5(per disc) ship outside US.

This is for one Pumpkin Orange BZ Chainsaw. The colors range from brighter orange to a redish/orange.  This grippy SS blend feels so good, even in wet conditions. For those competitors that want a consistent putter that can be used in all conditions this is it!  The Chainsaw is quickly becoming the most talked about and most dynamic putter on the market.  You can't go wrong with this as your go to putter as it has more glide and control than it's competitors.  Read the review: http://dgputtheads.com/black-zombie-chainsaw-putter-review

All of these putters are max weight(173-175grams). 

You pick the style(1) of stamp you want. Choice of Tony Ferro signature stamp, BZlogo Hand,  Zombie Girl w/teddy bear, Bruce Campbell w/boomstick, Original Zombie Stamp, and BZ Bar Stamp. 

We will randomly select the color of the stamp. 

Limited edition.  Once these are gone they are gone.