1st Prototype Chainsaw Chalk Flex(assorted stamp colors pulled randomly)


Note: order 4 and we will add a 5th absolutely free.  

Collector's item:  True Chainsaw Prototype. When these are gone they will be GONE.  Buy some history and roll with the best putter on the market. 

This order is for 1 prototype Chainsaw putter.  Black w/ randomly pulled stamp color.  Max weight(173-175).  This is flexible, grippy, and  durable vulkaniZed rubber built to last on the course for years.  If you are looking for a game changing putter look no further.  The Chainsaw is the first disc made by Black Zombie Disc Golf.  BZ has partnered with Gateway Disc Sports to create what we think is the best putter on the market.  We look forward to you feedback. May the Disc Golf infection BZ with you.  

This was the first run of protoZ for the Chainsaw putter.  There is no tooling on the back as we were still honing in on what we thought was the best putter we could make.  This is the first to make the cut and is the very first Chainsaw design we made that has been sold.  These are very flexible and feel awesome in the hand. They grab chains like a champ and have some chalk spun in to the rubber to give it a very tacky grip that is easy to control.  

This is the true prototype.  These have been said to be the favorite by many of our BZ pro team.  You will absolutely love this putter on the course, but it is a prototype and could very easily go in your collection.