• 2-Pack Murdered Out Chainsaw & Bone Pearl Berzerker


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    2-Pack Murder Chainsaw & Pearl Berzerker "Limited Edition Only 25 Sets Available"

    This order is for 1 Black SSS Chainsaw with Black Stamp and 1 Bone Pearl Second Run and Nowhere to hide Berzerker stamp(random color stamps).

    The Chainsaw is a stable to slightly overstable putter that will hold any line based on your release angle and maintains a well-controlled flightpath.  It is an excellent putter for driving while having that perfect stability inside the putting circle as well.  It is a point-and-shoot masterpiece that will stay close to the basket when your putt and approach game needs dependable accuracy. Flight numbers are 3-5-0-1 all max weights 174+.

    The BerZerker is a driver from Black Zombie Disc Golf.  This is the First Run Then Hide version.  It was PDGA approved May 18, 2018.  This overstable driver has a flight rating of 12-4-0-3 which means it's one mean disc with a ton of predictability.  12 speed, 4 glide, 0 turn, and a 3 fade. All max weights 174+.  A few have a slight pink undertone, most are bone pearl white.