• 2nd Run Crossbows:December 2020


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    Outside Continental United States add $10 per item. Orders larger than 4 discs outside US please contact us. 

    The 1st Run Crossbows were a smashing hit and we are excited to finally get the 2nd Run Crossbows in.  The flight rating is 5/5/-1/0. 

    Some of these have moisture marks on edges which is natural to this run. The orange look similar in the pictures, but the burnt orange is really a UT color, the Blood Orange is a deep orange, and the orange swirls do have unique swirls. 

    We have beautiful options from Blood Orange, Toxic Day Glow, Toxic Glow, to Light/Dark colored swirls.  You can't go wrong with these long flying midranges that fly like some fairway drivers.  They are more understable and are great for that straight shot through the woods that keeps you in the fairway,  This is the perfect disc for new players, but can be manipulated into beautifully crafted lines by high powered pro shots. 

    Many of these swirls look like geodes and are very unique.