• Black-Chalk Proto Chainsaws: 2 pack

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    The Chainsaw has been touted as the best putter on the planet and has improved many player's games from Am's to Pro's.  The Chainsaw's flight numbers are 3-5-0-1 and likened to a longer Wizard(by Gateway Discs) and a longer straighter Judge(by Dynamic Discs).

    All of the Black-Chalk Chainsaws are 174-175 grams and each pack of two will be randomly picked and have matching color stamps. We may have some mixed packs later as we get the last of these in order for sale. 

    This run is the absolute original run of Chainsaws. They were offered primarily to the BZ Team and at a few tournaments.  We have had them boxed up for several years now and are ready to make room for all the new discs coming in.  If you want a piece of history from BZ this is IT! These are smooth on the back as we had not even added tooling on the early runs, especially this Proto Run.  

    These are considered Black-Chalk SS+ as they are very chalky/grippy no matter if you have sweaty hands or just love the feel of tacky chalk on your discs.  These are very durable and will last a long time in your bag and on the course. They do have storage wear, but it's all superficial and do not effect the integrity of the discs at all.