Black Zombie's 2-Disc Challenge

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Join us for this 2-disc challenge at Roosevelt Park: 500 Spruce St SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

$30 for entry and $2 for processing fees

February 23rd, 2019

TD Derek Dallago (contact info below)

You will get a Chainsaw putter and a Crossbow midrange to use. The Chainsaw is one of the best putters on the planet as it's designed from Wizard by Gateway.  With less of a bead it comes off the hand very cleanly and has more glide and not quite as stable as the Wizard.  Many liken it to a slightly beat in Wizard.  The Crossbow is an understable midrange disc that has incredible glide. Not always good in a head wind, but absolutely amazing with a tail wind or no wind. It's straight as an arrow for the smooth shooter and for the advanced thrower you can get nice hyzer flip to flex for maximum distance on a really straight line. 

You can opt for an extra disc and get the Bezerker driver(Add $15). The Bezerker is very over stable and very dependable. Even in head wind you can trust this bad boy to come back and land on the hyzer side.  It's touted as one of the best side arm discs around, but has a superb flight and very consistent as a back hand disc. 

More details posted soon. 

You can visit the Facebook page for details, or call Derek Dallago @5053590723 or email