FroZ: [NO Discount Codes Please]Full Foil Buzzz Limited Ed.


This item is out of stock

Discount codes can NOT be used for this item. We are unable to restrict the codes from being used, but if codes are used you may lose your place in line to get one of these bad boyZ.  You of course will get a full refund. 

Art has been revealed and posted.

If ordered after 21st they will go out after Christmas.  Likely ship out Thursday 26th due to holidays. 

The certificate of authenticity will come separate and will be singed by the owner of BZ and then shipped to our artist John Dorn to sign and mail out to you.  All other orders will be processed within 48 hours and out in time for Christmas. Very excited as this flying art comes together. Thanks for your order and all your support for another awesome year. Ready for 2019 already. 

This is for a full color foil stamped Buzzz from Discraft. The Froz stamp is the first Winter/Holiday stamp and poised for 2019. There will be pre-orders available with a discount through Sunday 25th.  Full price after that.  We are looking to release these in early December 2018. 

There will be a limited number of them and they will be numbered and come with certificate signed by the artist and the owner of Black Zombie Disc Golf.