• BZ 1st Run Mystery Box: 4 Discs

    $100.00 $59.99

    No discounts can be used on this special BZ Mystery Box.  Value is at least $100.  Shipping/Handling is $15.99 for each box. Perfect Xmas gift, or like we say Zmas! Order extra BZ HoodZ while supplies last. Save on shipping and add already heavily discounted hoodZ and dryfits.  Options at check out while supplies last. 

    Pre-Order. Coming Soon!  These will ship by December 7th.  The black box in picture is not actual box we are using. We have a full color version that's much cooler on order. We have put up a few production photos of the full color limited edition BZ Box. The box is 9x9x6 and will be shipped inside another box for protection.  

    Each box will have 4 hand picked discs from BZ inventory.  Some new arrivals and some original discs.  We will be making sure each box has some of the BZ history.  Also, each box will have a description of each disc, so you will know it's personal history.  

    Potential discs in Mystery Box:

    Chainsaws, Crossbows, War Hammers, Berzerkers, Shotguns, and Flamethrowers.  We have held back a small batch of many runs we have made and many are one of a kind.  We also have a few Innova, DD, Discraft, and Prodigy BZ stamped discs to add to the mix.  We have some boxes of non tooled Chainsaws that are amazing. These Chainsaws are first run before tooling was added and some with original tooling.