• BZ TP Peppermint Burst Logo Stamped Harps


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    There are only 2 items left in stock.

    Limited Run BZ TP Harps max weight 175+. ONLY 200(less than 10 left) run with the BZ Logo stamp. Once they are gone...they are GONE!

    Pick your burst color. Random stamp color pulled. 

    Choose Peppermint Red, Peppermint Purple, Peppermint Blue, Peppermint Pink-Purple, or Peppermint Copper. 

    Each color has a range of color shade, intensity, and contrast. All will be randomly drawn. For example: some coppers look shiny like a penny and others have a petrified wood look. All are beautiful!  Blood Orange range from a creamsicle orange to bloody red. 

    Pink and purple are basically a range from bubble gum pink to deep purple.  You can see an example of both extremes. These will also be randomly drawn.  

    Blue will range from light powder blue to deep sea blue. All have beautiful swirls that contrast with the white/cream bursts.