• Flamethrower 2.0: Blue Flame


    There are only 3 items left in stock.

    Out side of USA add $10 for each disc. Message our team if you are looking for more than 3 discs. 

    The Flamethrower is a power driving bomber and likened to a perfectly seasoned Wraith.  The profiles on the Mint Green, Blood Red, Bright Yellow, Deep Purple(these are slightly swirly and some are on blue end of the spectrum), Ice White, and the Toxic Blue are all mainly flat. The GD(Glide Dome) comes in Orange and Rust Red. These GD's are poppy top and should have more glide than the Flat Top runs.  These have not been tested so the verdict is out as to how much glide/turn each color has.  We look forward to your feedback.  Please tag us in your videos on our Black Zombie Disc Golf page.  

    There are some infectious Halo like swirls.  These are. all VERY unique and beautiful.  These will cost $2 more and we will pull random colors. You will not go wrong grabbing one of these! 

    We have also pulled about 50 that are Xouts. This means we found some minor flaws, double stamp, etc but will not effect flights.  This option is less expensive, but we will randomly pick color and it could be from any of the batches. Some of these are stunning, but the minor flaws just had to be put into this category. We did not want to ground these due to minor flaws.