• Glow First Run Shotguns: Limited Edition

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    Ship outside US add $10.00 at check-out (X-outs available too. X-outs have minor flaws and are double stamped.)

    You can pick your stamp/weight and even have choice of some double stamped X-outs. Stamp colors are randomly pulled. 

    The Shotgun is newly approved by the PDGA.  It's already getting raving reviews from amateurs to pros.  

    First run Glow Blend Shotguns.  Glow is a plastic blend from BZ that is less stable than the Toxic blends so it's a straighter flyer. These mids are ready to hunt those illusive birdies.  With flight numbers coming in at 5-5-0-2, the Black Zombie Shotty midrange is a disc you can trust in all conditions.   It's stable enough to handle big arm pro shots, flat enough to handle that needed side arm shot and it handles the torque, the rim is easy to handle for point and shoot, and the plastic is premium so it'll fly for years to come.  So settle in on your next favorite midrange that is ready for your Disc Golf adventures.  

    "The Shotgun is a longer Roc, love it!"

    "The Shotty is perfect. It's a beefy Buzzz and the workhorse I've needed."