Hat: Froz w/Flamethrower snap back blue/white

$24.99 $18.99

We are very proud of our newest character addition to BZ.  Froz is the most hard core snowman you will ever meet.  He does not let others tell him what he should or should not be.  If her decided to wield a Flamethrower than he will carry it proudly.  

Discounted to $18.99 for limited time. Order 3 get one free!!  Great gift idea for your disc golf buddies. Also, great to promote disc golf at disc golf auctions at your local club. 

This snap back hat has a dark blue visor, light blue front, and white back to keep you cool in the hotter times.  

The artist is John Dorn who is well known and respected in the disc golf community.  Thanks Dorn!