• HD Flat Top Bezerker: BZ Logo or Bad Ashe stamp


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    Flat top HD Bone White Bezerker.  Limited run. Low profile overstable driver for head wind shots, hard turn shots, and can handle the powerful flick shots.  Max weight 175-176 grams. Very few light weights in these available. Grab them quick if like lighter weights.  

    Flat top HD Bone Yellow. Very few of these. Seem to have a little more flex, slightly more see through, and have a slight yellow tinge to them.  Most of these came in lighter weights. 

    These are very powerful discs the have a lot of turn on them even in some nasty head winds.  The rim is slightly shallow compared to other discs which make it perfect for the flick shots for many.  If you like a shallower rim and need something you know will come back, look no further.