• Limited Edition 1st Run Mayhems


    Ship outside US add $10 at check-out (These were first runs and no longer available. Limited Run.)

    These are brand new(in a box since purchased) Axiom Neutron Mayhem 1st Runs with art by Skullboy.  Pick your disc as described and pictured.  All orders will be sent wrapped, secure, and in a box.  Order with confidence.  If you have any questions send us a message through website.  

    The Mayhem has a responsive straight-to-stable flight path, with plenty of speed, making it an excellent workhorse driver for many intermediate to expert throwers. Like the MVP 23mm class, the Mayhem has a pronounced dome to promote distance-covering glide. It is the first of the 23mm class discs for Axiom. From Infinite Discs website. 

    Flight numbers: 13-5-(-1.5)-2