Xout Crossbow Proto/1st Run

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These Xout Plasma Crossbows are beautiful, but have minor flaws.  There is a mix of Proto and 1st Run which will be randomly pulled from stock.

These could not be sold at full retail due to some impurities such as bubbles in the disc, slight warping, uneven tooling, and color flakes in the plasma.  Most are very very minor, but to be fair to you and to find these babies good homes we dropped the price.  These are first runs or Protos and are honestly still beautiful and fly the same as any other Crossbow. Most have been double stamped so we know which are considered Xouts.  This makes the image super sexy as it looks 3D.  

They range from a deep orange Orange Plasma to orange-purple Plasma.  Stamp colors will be randomly pulled.  Pick your weight range and we will get your newly adopted Xout Crossbow to you.