• Pre-Order: BZ Jersey Midnight Gunmetal or Midnight Pink

    $69.99 $59.99

    Add $20 for shipping outside continental US. 

    These infectious BZ jerseys are on Pre-Order for at least two weeks.  Once we close the pre-order it can take 6 weeks to get them in.  The color options this time are Midnight Gunmetal, and Midnight Pink.  

    These feel amazing and are made by Thought Space Athletics. You can check out their website and all the other kick ass jerseys they make for top disc golf professionals like Simon, Eagle, and more. 

    You can opt to customize the back by adding your PDGA#, and/or name. 

    The fit on these are considered an 'athletic fit' which means they are tighter than other shirts. Length is good and such, but if you think you need some more room it's advised to size up.