• Toxic Flamethrower New BZ Driver 1st Run


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    PDGA Approved as of 06/04/2019

    NEW HOT Flamethrowers in Toxic plastic from Black Zombie Disc Golf.  These are first run Flamethrowers hot off the press and ready to torch your local course.  Order now and light your game on fire.  These well balanced drivers have a softer flight plate, firm and deeper rim for maximum control for new and advanced players.  This disc will boom even for slower arm speeds as it stands up and sails more effortlessly than many over stable drivers.  The last part of the flight also stays straighter than a lot of drivers on the market for maximum distance and less flare-skip after it hits the ground. 

    Compared Disc:  A slightly beat in Wraith from Innova.  Easier to flip up for slower arm speeds. 

    Note: Blue ranges from deep blue to blue-green.  

    PDGA Approved!!!!  

     Thanks for the order and support!!

    Flight 11.5  6  -2  2  

    Blend:  Premium Toxic Flex

    Name:  Flamethrower

    Graphic:  proud to say we have SkullBoy as our designer for this one.  Eye popping and on fire!