• Proto Shotguns: Xout NEW Skull Stamp LE

    $24.99 $15.99

    Add $10 per disc ship OUS. Slightly X-out. Take advantage of these! 

    We found a stack of the original Shotgun Dome Top Protos in the warehouse. These sold out a long time ago and are beefy, but have a ton of glide with the right power and/or nose down anhyzer. Beautiful as we added our newest Skull Stamp to it. 

    The shotgun is 5/5/2/2.  It's been touted as a beefy Buzzz, or a longer Roc. These are probably closer to a Zone with their dome tops.  Very grippy, firm, but flexibly plastic. 

    All of these are max weight 175-180 grams and Ghost White. Great for dyeing.