Toxic Glow Shotgun: NEW BZette Stamp by SkeetDesigns


Shipping OCUS pays additional shipping. Normally $5 to $10 extra per disc depending on size of order and where they are shipped. 

These Toxic Glow Shotguns are brand NEW with our BZette character. This close up look at her is amazing as Skeet really killed this art.  Choose between weight range of 173-176grams or 177-180grams. These are very limited. Order ASAP as they always sell out fast. The Shotgun is likened to a longer Roc or a beefy Buzzz. This particular run is a little less stable than some other plastics, so it's a straighter flyer for those tactical shots down the fairway that land softer. 

With flight numbers coming in at 5/5/0/2, the reliable Shotgun mid-range driver from Black Zombie is ready to help Disc Golfers hunt down those illusive birdies. The Black Zombie Shotgun mid-range is a disc you can trust in almost all conditions; it's overstable enough to handle big arm pro shots and windy conditions, flat enough to handle that needed side arm shot and the rim is comfortable and easy to handle for point and shoot accuracy. So reload your bag with your new favorite mid - the Black Zombie Shotgun!

Skeet Scienski does an awesome job with his latest contribution to the Black Zombie art collection!

Toxic plastic refers to a variety of premium plastic blends from Black Zombie including durable urethane blends, hemp polymers and even glow in the dark. Toxic plastic is super durable so it'll fly true for years to come.

Flight Numbers: 5/5/0/2