• ZombieBalls: Putting Trainer


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    New Release: ZombieBalls are here to help elevate your putting game.  Each pack comes with 2 ZombieBalls that are attached to a single chain which hang from a black carabiner.  They easily snap off and can be attached to a single chain on your practice basket. The carabiner is perfect to keep your ZombieBalls together, hanging from your bag.  These ZombieBalls are DayGlow Green Slime in color. It's a new color brought to us from DiscDot(the creator of this putting tool). Check out https://discdotusa.com/ for more information on their products. 

    Order more than one set and pay same shipping as one pack.  Choose 1-pack(2ZombieBalls), 2-packs, or 3-packs.  $3.99 shipping. To be clear, if you order the 2-packs you will have 4 ZombieBalls and order the 3-packs and you will have 6 ZombieBalls.  

    Each pack comes with a BZ King Card too.  

    ZombieBalls are great to teach you to focus on a smaller area on basket. Aim small miss small is the goal.  With this putt training tool you can learn to focus on one chain so when you play you will improve your putting game.  You can put one ball on your basket and aim at it, or you can put two on your basket and aim for a chain in between. It works like a scope on a gun. No basket will be safe with proper training!  

    Grab a glow, Bad To The Bone, mini for no extra shipping costs at check out.  Simply add it to your order and you will be set.