• 5 Disc BZ Set: Starter/Supplement Kit

    $99.99 $80.00

    Outside United States pays difference in shipping before shipped out. 

    First time Black Zombie Disc Golf has offered a starter/supplement disc kit. Only 50 packaged up and ready to go. Order ASAP. 

    What you get: 2 War Hammers(grippy putters, beadless), 1 Crossbow(midrange 5/5/-1/0), 1 Flamethrower(driver 11.5/6/-2/2), 1 Berzerker(Overstable driver 12/4/0/3). All have been hand picked to make sweet packages. Weights and colors will be randomly pulled. Every disc is awesome. If you are trying to get someone started in disc golf, starting yourself, want to see what BZ discs are all about, or just want to add some more sexy discs to your bag...this is a GREAT deal. 

    Weight Notes: 

    War Hammers are 170-176 grams

    Crossbows are 170-178

    Berzerkers are all max weight

    Flamethrowers are all max weight