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    These are designed to protect your knees on rough terrain. When disc golfers need that full focus on a shot from the knee, the GroundBound, is a must have for highly competitive play, or casual play to make your round more comfortable. The GroundBound can also be used as PDGA approved mini marker. 

    Introducing the GroundBound®, the original “neoprene” kneeling pad for disc golfers. Made in the US and originally designed for disc golfers, the GroundBound® has found other users as well, so we have decided to start designing new GroundBounds® with the hopes of  appealing to all our customers. With a fully customizable top surface, the GroundBound® is made of high quality neoprene with a durable bias tape stitched around the edge to reduce chipping, giving it a nice grip on hard surfaces. The GrounBound® will continue to meet PDGA thickness requirements at 10mm thick and at only 14cm in diameter, it can be used as a marker if needed. I’ts easy to store in your bag, pocket, or on the provided caribiner.