• BerZerker OverStable Driver: TrustworthyBeast


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    The BerZerker is a driver from Black Zombie Disc Golf.  This is the First Run Then Hide version.  It was PDGA approved May 18, 2018.  This overstable driver has a flight rating of 12-4-0-3 which means it's one mean disc with a ton of predictability.  12 speed, 4 glide, 0 turn, and a 3 fade. All max weights 174+.  

    These came out absolutely beautiful in a premium Plasma Plastic.  At Black Zombie we like to call it Plasma Plastic because it has the plasma feel with a lot of flex, but not floppy.  They feel perfect in the hand and the rim produces a very clean release point. 

    The BerZerker is made for pros who have a long throw and want something to boom and still come back. The amateur player will find it extremely predictable as it's very fast and comes back even in heavy headwinds.  It has been compared to the flight of an Xcaliber from Innova if you need a comparison from a popular disc from the largest Disc Golf company in the world. 

    All of these are beautiful. All weights are max 174-176. Stamp colors will be randomly picked.