• New Glow Chainsaw: Choose GlowGirl, or Ferro SigStamp


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    These glow Chainsaws always sell out fast.  With the new stamps these are sure to be as infectious as ever.  The new Toxic Glow Chainsaw is a little flatter on top and feels amaZing.  Choose your stamp: Tony Ferro Signature stamp or the ever popular Zombie Girl stamp, but this time she has a Chainsaw instead of a teddy bear.  

    The Chainsaw is a point and shoot putter with lots of glide.  The flight numbers are 3-5-0-1.  This is a professional grade putter that works for everyone.  Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a brand new player, the Chainsaw the choice of many.  It's great as a regular putter, but many use it as a long putter-driver for those tight mid shots you want to go straight and land soft.